Toyota U2 Concept

The Toyota U2 Urban Utility concept made its global debut at the recent 2016 Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto. However, the Toyota U2 Concept was first unveiled in 2014 at a conference in San Francisco and then later at a New York event. According to Toyota, the U2 (pronounced “U-squared”) is primarily aimed at “today’s creative class of mobile entrepreneurs and Makers.” In a way, this unusual concept vehicle represents the company’s modern take on old panel vans. It is functionality and versatility that Toyota wanted to showcase with the U2, while making it correspond with the ever-changing needs of customers. Some of its key features are the utilization of space to the maximum and flexibility that matches virtually anyone’s needs. Unfortunately, it’s still not clear whether this Toyota concept will enter production in the foreseeable future.

Toyota U2 Concept Design

Design-wise, the Toyota U2 Concept comes as a mixture of a passenger car, cargo van and truck. Although its sheet metal doesn’t stand out at first glance, the concept model features some interesting styling cues such as checker board side panels and sleek LED headlights. The front end appears robust and somewhat reminiscent of Toyota’s other models such as the RAV4 and Highlander. There are numerous black plastic elements that cover the body, while the cargo area gets roof bulges that give it additional space. The vehicle also sports a retractable roof panel as well as a rear glass that retracts into the tailgate. As far as the overall exterior design is concerned, the main focus of Toyota’s designers appears to be practicality rather than stylish appearance.

Toyota U2 Concept Rear

Inside the cabin, the Toyota U2 Concept features an exotic design with maximum utilization of space. It comes with a bevy of unusual shapes, including a wavy steering wheel, oval speedometer, as well as an iPad-looking infotainment display. The dashboard design is simplistic, with futuristic-looking controls and gauges. Also, the recently showcased model came with the driver’s seat only, thus creating a large open floor. In case you need to transport passengers, the removable front seat can be fitted and the rear bench unfolded quite easily.

Toyota U2 Concept Release

Sadly, the Toyota U2 Concept is currently not on the list of Toyota’s upcoming production models. However, many agree that there is a great need for such a vehicle on global markets.

Toyota U2 Concept
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