Tata Bolt

Tata comes out with a new Hatchback model which is said to be on the line of Vista. The car is slated to launch in February this year and so the look was unveiled prior to Auto Expo. The manufacturers claim that they have not only redesigned, but actually have worked to improve the features as well. Petrol and Diesel version both are available in this model so the Tata Bolt Price in India will also vary. The price of this model will start from INR 4 Lakhs making this hatchback quite affordable, but we still need to look into the specifications and features to see what Tata Bolt has to offer.

Tata Bolt Specifications

The Petrol engine comes with Revotron 1.2 T engine which can generate maximum power of 85 PS at the rate of 5000 rpm and peak torque of 140 Nm at the rate of 3500 rpm. The diesel engine is the 190 Nm at the 1.3L quadrajet generating power of 75 PS at the rate of 4000 rpm and the maximum torque of 190 Nm at the rate of 3000 rpm. R15 tyres are made available in both the models and the fuel tank has the capacity of holding 44 liters. It comes with the ABS system of next generation, steering system called EPAC which is a new addition in this model. The steering system is very sensitive to speed so you have to keep that in mind while driving. The dashboard is made of high quality plastic and you will find minimalistic bolts and joints.

Harman infotainment is part of Tata Bolt now with a touch screen of 5 inches. The features of the car affect the Tata Bolt Price in India. You will be made available with projector headlight in this new model of Tata. Apart from this you also have the floating roof spoiler which definitely enhances the look of the car and also provides improved aerodynamics. The Tata sedan has the daytime running lights. The headrest and knee-room are quite comfortable. Tata Bolt comes with rear automatic wiper and just above the rear view glass you will find LED brake-light. More spacious cabin is available so now travelling long distance with all that big luggage won’t be a problem anymore. The vents of AC are placed so well that within a few minutes the car is cooled down. The rear spoiler, C-Pillar, etc., are available in this model which enables this model of Tata to provide competition to its counterparts.

Tata Bolt Review

The Tata Bolt Price in India is affordable and quite reasonable too when compared to the features that are made available in Tata Bolt. The Tata cars have always been considered the fuel efficient cars and this one is no exception as well. In India mileage is one of the main factors in deciding for which car to buy therefore Tata has always worked on achieving it so that it can keep the customers satisfied.

Tata Bolt
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