Lexus UX Crossover

Lexus has successfully inculcated their vision for compact SUV crossovers very well for the coming years of production. This was clearly illustrated when they introduced the brand new Lexus UX Crossover concept design at the Paris Motor Show, in September of 2016. This concept design was primarily focused on Lexus’ design changes in their upcoming SUV models.

This concept was designed by ED2, and Lexus has stated in their official press release that it showcases better and improved driving changes that it would incorporate in their future crossover SUV models. This Lexus UX concept pioneered the “inside-out” design approach of Lexus when it comes to designing their interior look.

Platform Design and Trims

According to official reports, Lexus UX has been designed by keeping in touch with Lexus’ famous TGNA platform design. Its chassis build is very similar to previous TGNA inspired cars from Toyota, Lexus’ parent company, like Toyota C-HR and Toyota Prius.

As far as trim variants are concerned, reports indicate that the Japanese manufacturers are looking at 3 different trim variants. Each of this version are coming with different powertrain configurations for Lexus UX Crossover. These include: A Lexus UX 200, UX 250, and a Lexus UX 250h.

Engine Specs

Even though Lexus UX Crossover is primarily a design concept, this car company has already laid out possible engine specifications for different UX models. Each trim variant of this vehicle will have a different engine. These include:

UX 200 will receive a 2.0-liter gasoline powered inline 4-cylinder engine. This unit setup that can produce around 150 HP of max power, as well as around 142 lb-ft of max torque. UX 250 will have a 2.5-liter inline 4-cylinder gasoline unit that can generate a max power output of 184 HP, along with 173 lb-ft of max torque. It’s UX 250h trim variant will have a hybrid power system. This system consists of a 2.0-liter gasoline unit, along with Lexus Hybrid Drive System’s electric motor. Its overall output stands at 200 HP of max power, as well as 198 lb-ft of max torque.

Design Features

Lexus is going to introduce serious design changes to feature a modern look to Lexus UX. At the very centre of this endeavor stands their famous HMI technology. This company is going to design the overall ergonomics of this vehicle based on its Human Machine Interface (HMI) concept, without the traditional dashboard configuration.

Additional design details that will be incorporated in this car class are mentioned below:

21 inches of modern alloy wheels with 255/50 R21 tires. Improved interior design changes with electrostatic controls and HUD redesign. Broken roofline design to create a tapered and aerodynamic exterior look. Compact LED headlamps and thin reversed fog lights. Broad wheelbase design in this SUV crossover category, standing at 2640 mm.

Lexus UX Crossover Price and Release

There has been no information regarding the pricing and release of SUVs based on Lexus UX Crossover concept design. Also, reports indicate that Lexus is moving forward with this concept to produce vehicles by 2018. Thus pricing of those vehicles might change as well for customers.

Lexus UX Crossover
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