Ark of War: Republic

Ark of War: Republic

By 7 Pirates Limited

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-03-30
  • Current Version: 1.7.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 126.14 MB
  • Developer: 7 Pirates Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 5,967 Ratings


- Enter your country's guild and vie with players from all over the globe to become the ruler of the universe! - When you download the game now, you'll be one of the first to receive $10 in new player boosters while supplies last! I built, I sailed, I conquered! With the expansion of the population, Earth is becoming increasingly crowded. The whole galaxy has turned into a new battlefield between human beings and extraterrestrial civilizations. Though governed by the Imperial Federation Government. The galaxy is still in the upheaval between various powers. On Planet Tekkman, you and alien creatures will operate your own space arks and create formidable fleets to confront against the Imperial Federation Government, fighting for living space and rebuilding the order. Mighty Space Arks - Construct your fortress on huge space arks. - Operate the space ark on the battlefield in any way you deem. - Battle like a carrier, attack your enemies while moving your ark. Ultimate Galactic Military Power - Upgrade your ark to elevate its power and change its appearance. - Collect, equip and evolve terrific human and alien commanders. - Establish your armed forces consisting of space infantries, mechs and spacecrafts. MMO Strategic Gameplay - Launch large-scale and real-time wars of alliance between hundreds of arks. - Grab territories for your alliance with players from all around the world and chat through real-time translation. - Dominate and govern a planet and rule over it. Use diplomacy to establish the order of your world. - Trade your equipment and resources with other players and become a space merchant. Privacy Policy Terms of Service



  • Really like it.

    By Mauvaix
    I really enjoy play AoW, and I would’ve given better stars, but I just leveled up, and it said 13, and it switched it back to 12? What gives? I worked so hard to level up, and it shows one thing but does another? Oh well...I still enjoy playing, even though I’m constantly getting attacked! I’ll give a better rating once the glitches are updated. Game on at risk of being attacked by players twice your level. I would give more stars for level balance. It’s not right that some of these players prey on players that are so much weaker than them. All the resources you save up for an important upgrade, can be taken from you with one attack, and that’s very demoralizing! Geez. Once I’m able to get my upgrades done without so many people attacking, I’ll enjoy playing even more. Not recommended for players with thin skin.
  • Asian developer so Asian Rule the game

    By Uufufyduv
    It would be a good game if everyone was equal Americans or Westerner have to pay 108$ for big packs while Chinese or Asian players pay 43$ which is funny because Americans would play more the game more if it weren't for these facts. I would but after getting being. suppressed by Chinese and their cheap packs me and even a lot more players quit the game because of the same reason and even those that stay will eventually quit and I bet that after this game dies or a server dies they will just make new servers or just make a similar game with the same inequality. But hey it's ok they are just trying to rob our money just give it to them just to increase your commanders leadership or power building😝.
  • Crap of a game money pit not worth the time

    By cockdiezel
    If you don’t plan on paying a ton of money to a bunch of uncaring devs then this game is not for you. Their customer service responses all resemble the reply of “ we’re sorry but tough cookies get over it”. I can’t say enough bad about the game. They don’t care about alternate accounts they couldn’t balance the servers if they had two people of the same exact make up. Wasted plenty of money on this game and never got anywhere. Don’t blow your hard earned cash on this game.
  • Ughhhhhhhhhh

    By let us kids be free
    Boring!!!!!! Make it better
  • I like this game

    By NotZane
    There’s no other game like this. The mechanics are very unique for its class. The game isn’t laid out very clear and it’s completely p2w. Soon after you join you will be aggressive farmed and there will be a power gap. I still play. I’ve quit and restarted 5 times now. I guess I like the abuse If the developers would please consider continent locks for servers I believe this game would improve drastically.
  • Zero star

    By Despicable aster
    Update. It is apparent to me that the game has been hacked. Which explains why Chinese players have super equipment outrageous leadership and T11 troops at 40 million power Pros: good game play and lots of events Cons: money sucking pit of hell. There is an obvious advantage to Chinese players. The “in game purchase” packs are significantly cheaper for Chinese players - hence all the big players are Chinese. The refresh times are also geared for Chinese players so they get the advantage of occupying all the good resources tiles. The Chinese also have huge number of alt accounts - there are entire guilds that belong to one player who pull resources to their main. Stay away! You’ve been warned.
  • You lied to me

    By Wolfknight53
    The trailer is over exaggerating about the game

    By Liam Link
    I don’t even know what say. This game is so awesome! I am looking forward to future updates in this magnificent game! #10/10!
  • Game

    By CavalryJester
    Amazing graphics effects and a all around fun game.
  • No real game play

    By I'll silent duck you
    You’re not really playing, the only thing it does is prompt you to do this or do that, but you’re not really in control so it’s lame.