NEJM Knowledge+ FM Review

NEJM Knowledge+ FM Review

By The New England Journal of Medicine

Score: 2.5
From 8 Ratings


NEJM Knowledge+ Family Medicine Board Review, a unique adaptive learning program for family medicine physicians, residents, PAs, and other healthcare professionals, is designed to fit your busy schedule and help you improve your practice by assessing and enhancing both your knowledge and your self-awareness. Packed with clinically relevant, rigorously edited gold-standard content, NEJM Knowledge+ is the most efficient, engaging, and effective way to enhance your patient care, prepare for your board exams with confidence, and earn your required Prescribed and CME credits for maintenance of certification. This app complements the online version of NEJM Knowledge+ Family Medicine Board Review. Customers can use this app to log into their personal account for the length of their purchase term. The experience on the iPad mirrors the full functionality of the desktop. The experience on the iPhone is optimized for the small screen and contains all of the adaptive learning questions and the Recharge feature. NEJM Knowledge+ is the only lifelong learning and board review product that uses state-of-the-art adaptive learning technology to continuously assess the subjects you know and identify the areas where you need reinforcement. It then delivers questions based on what you know already, what you need to study more, what you are struggling to master, what you think you know better than you do, and what you might be forgetting. From the brand you trust, we've developed and reviewed our study material to ensure it meets our exacting standards and your expectations. The question bank and exams correspond to the ABFM and NCCPA blueprints while reflecting the real-world challenges you face in your practice. NEJM Knowledge+ Family Medicine Board Review includes: • More than 1,600 highly relevant, case-based, multiple-choice questions, • Two (2) timed practice exams, • Personalized reporting on your progress and performance,  • The ability to earn up to 270 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™, up to 250 AAFP Prescribed credits, and up to 20 AAPA Category 1 Self-Assessment CME credits. NEJM Knowledge+ is a product of NEJM Group, a division of the Massachusetts Medical Society. To learn more, visit Have feedback or NEJM Knowledge+ account/access questions? Email us at • NEJM Knowledge+ Family Board Review Support (link to • Privacy Policy (link to • Application License Agreement (link to



  • Arrrgh

    By Knoxgreg
    I've really enjoyed the app until today when I find myself locked out due to an upgrade with less than a month till my boards!
  • slow app but the best question system

    By Denton.Shanks
    Update: Still has not been optimized for the iPhone!! Now crashes on opening the app. ----- Please add fingerprint sign-in so I don't have to type to log on every time!!! For some reason, this app doesn't save my user name, even when 'remember me' is clicked. I'm able to access my bank account and personal medical info apps from my phone faster than I can access this question bank. I would do questions much more often if the log-on was faster. Please make the app run faster. thank you
  • Good questions, Mediocre app makes them inaccessible

    By chrispebble
    I bought this app for board review. It's an expensive subscription, but as one of the few big name board review products with an iPhone app, I figured it would be worth it. At first I was happy with it. The questions are good, and even the the app was a bit clunky I didn't mind. Initially I was showing people the app and saying how great it would be. What changed my opinion was that the app began to require me to type my email and password every time it opened. And then it required a fast internet connection in order to download an update (every time). The entire reason I bought this was so I could do a few quick questions when I had a free moment here or there. The login, Internet requirement, and slow update that happens every time this app opens makes that impossible. At one point I was going on a plane ride, so I made sure to update the app right before getting on the plane. I was hoping this would be enough to let me use the app during the plane ride. Nope! "Internet connection required." Good thing I had a book to read. I kept trying to use it, but I get more frustrated every time. I doubt I'll get a refund but I am going to find another board review source.
  • Good questions, poor execution.

    By Garrett.huck
    Quality questions (same as computer based app), but takes forever to login, which you have to do every time you open the app. Are people hacking into others phones to use question banks? Probably not. And make it available offline, as I'm often working in the hospital or on planes where there is no reception.
  • I can't sign up and I don't have an account to sign in with.

    By ShanSWoo
    So confused