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  • What?!?!

    By Helloimniko
    Look I bought this thinking “hey cool wall papers for 99 cents, that’s not much.... NOPE!!! You have to pay another 4.99 to get any wallpaper

    By Toaster521
    I bought this app thinking it would be cool to have new live wallpapers. I saw it was $0.99 but I thought it would be worth it. IT IS NOT WORTH IT DONT BUY IT!!! AFTER YOU PAY THE $0.99 YOU HAVE TO PAY AN ADDITIONAL $4.99 TO ACTUALLY DOWNLOAD ANY OF THE WALLPAPER!!!! THIS APP IS A RIPOFF!!!!
  • Lame

    By pieces69
    Pay 99 cents for an app just to have to pay 5 more dollars to use any of the wallpapers, this app is trash
  • Bought by accident😒😒

    By AlmightyUchiha
    This app is garbage I wish I could just sue and get my money back plus more for false advertisement😒
  • SCAM

    By Mr. Mccringle dairy
    Do not buy this app. They have ads on Snapchat making it seem legit. It is not. First of all, they only have about 30 wallpapers. The biggest problem though, is that the dollar you pay just to download it won’t get you anything. You have to pay another five dollars to actually get to download and use the wallpapers for your phone. You’re paying a dollar for a preview of thirty wallpapers. Total scam, do not purchase. Easily the worst app I’ve ever used/seen
  • Wish there were negative stars.

    By grumysiah
    The worst part about it? It was an accident. A pop up on a Snapchat story and i accidentally clicked it and bam! My thumb bought it.... (always knew my thumb hated me). Anyways I didn’t realize I spent a whole frickin dollar on this crap app until it was too late. I figured I’d try it and you actually have to pay 5 more bucks to even use any of them. Don’t buy this guys!!!!
  • Scam

    By This weird guy
    Made me pay $1 for the app and $5 for the pics!!!!!!
  • Stupid

    By Charlesdrerd
    They make you pay a dollar for the app then it’s an extra $5 to get anything on it??? I want my money back this app is stupid save some time and don’t buy it
  • SCAM!

    By Lessthanoreqqual
    You pay $1 for the app then there are only a few wallpapers and when you click them you have to buy the $5 vip pass
  • Pathetic

    By hilltopbaums
    Do. Not. Download. You just get the app for the .99 or 1.99 cost, then all the live wallpapers are only accessible by VIP buyers, which makes you bay another 4.99, forget that... I highly recommend looking for another app.