MARVEL Strike Force

MARVEL Strike Force

By FoxNext Games, LLC

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-03-28
  • Current Version: 1.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 187.77 MB
  • Developer: FoxNext Games, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 60,889 Ratings


In MARVEL Strike Force, ready for battle alongside allies and arch-rivals in this action-packed, visually-stunning free-to-play game for your iPhone or iPad. An assault on Earth has begun and Super Heroes and Super Villains are working together to defend it! Lead the charge by assembling your ultimate squad, including Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Loki, Elektra, Captain America and Iron Man, as you enter strategic combat against an all-new enemy threat. It’s time to fight! Gather your squad and prepare for the battle to save Earth! ASSEMBLE YOUR SQUAD Recruit your strike force and form a squad of powerful MARVEL Super Heroes and Super Villains like Iron Man, Captain America, Loki, Elektra, Dr. Strange and more. STRENGTH THROUGH EVOLUTION Outfit and upgrade your Super Heroes and Super Villains to become stronger than ever before. STRATEGIC DOMINATION Who you bring to the fight matters. Pair up specific Super Heroes and Super Villains to perform combo moves to take out enemies. Expert in-fight tactics in 5v5 battles give you the power to vanquish the greatest villains of the Marvel Universe. EPIC COMBAT Experience groundbreaking gameplay cinematics, as your heroes unleash dynamic chain combos with a single tap. STUNNING VISUALS Play one of the most visually stunning mobile game experiences that has ever been released. Your Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains look as close to life-like as possible on your phone! By downloading this app, you agree to our privacy policy and terms of use, available at and We may work with mobile advertising companies and other similar entities that help deliver advertisements tailored to your interests. For more information about such advertising practices, and to opt-out in mobile apps, see You may also download the App Choices app at



  • This is the first game I’ve played that’s getting worse over time.

    By Cthulhu Hand Luke
    I have no idea why the devs are making the choices they do. Every new iteration seems to be worse than the previous one. Recently it came out that the dev had given unlimited stamina to a YouTube “influencer” they paid to work on the game and compete against the player base. That and other issues they’ve had lead me to see this game as nothing more than a cash grab.
  • Pay to win, FoxNext is transparent with it now

    By Thundercatsh000000
    I’ve been playing this game since day 8 of beta and have seen this game go through buffs, nerfs, god tier deals and absolute insulting deals. The state of the game currently is almost offensive with the level of disregard FN has for its player base. Two hours to complete a raid in an alliance, when most alliances are global? And then, have other raids wherein you’re supposed to be able to farm the “most rare” resource of them all, and even doing so will take TEN WEEKS if you’re in a top tier alliance to do so? And in those ten weeks you’ll repeatedly get in game mail about how the top champions you might want to invest in may or may not be getting nerfed?? Oh, but don’t worry, here’s a $50 offer for one of the latest game breaking characters so you can complete this completely over powered piece of content with your other soon to be nerfed characters you’ve been saving to upgrade for ten weeks.
  • Good game before the changes

    By GhettoJoe69
    I absolutely fell loved this game when I started out, but now with the changes the game seems to be turning for the worse. Rewards are no longer as rewarding than they used to be in the past months. Raids aren’t rewarding when you have to 100% the most difficult level of a raid to get Thanos or Deadpool shards. Please fox next listen to your players.
  • Greed

    By Falcons02is1
    2 hour raid time seriously? Destroying this game for greed !
  • Foxnext is horrible

    By Lkjhgfdsxvvhhu
    The team at Foxnext that create and manage this game may be the most inept and shady developers I have come across in my years of gaming. They took the hottest franchise around (Marvel) and a genuinely good game, and since the global launch have driven it into the ground with some of the poorest decision making I have seen. They gave a guy tons of resources to promote videos online, however they left him playing on the live servers to compete with people that actually paid money. Not a smart move in a competitive environment. They recently launched a raid for your entire guild of 24 people to play. However they only give you a two hour time window to complete it. If you can explain to me how to get 24 people in international time zones to log in while at the same 2 hour window I would love to hear it. Yet this is what every alliance is facing. They have nerfed rewards for almost every facet of the game to encourage even more money spending, and several facets of the game have double RNG to determine pulls for character shards. My review barely scratches the surface of the unscrupulous and inept practices that plague this game. Do not waste any money here. Way to take a great concept and drive it into the ground in just a few weeks.
  • New changes are ruining the game

    By Wangspeed
    Started playing when the game first came out. I’m the lead of a competitive alliance but the recent changes and now the new 2hr Deadpool raid has ruined the game. It has essential rewards and resources to be competitive and to progress in the game but they expect 24 players from all over the world to be online at the same time to complete this raid. It’s absolutely unreasonable and now diehard players on my alliance want to just stop playing the game altogether.
  • It’s like they’re trying to get me to uninstall

    By Zimmy zimmy yea
    Even after the poor rollout, I continued to play. But the pay-to-win was too tempting for Foxnext. The restructuring of the daily Blitz and raids, along with reducing the already abysmal drops, make it almost unplayable for new players. They REALLY want your money, and they’ll break the game in order to do it. Would give negative stars if I could.
  • Going straight down

    By ItalnBattaln
    I used to enjoy this game, used to give it 5*... then they shortened blitz times so you had to be on the game all the time, dumped 5 characters at once in a complete cash grab move, and lastly made raids only open for 2 hours. This final straw destroyed any and all international alliances. Foxnext is full of idiotic developers who do not listen to the mountain of feedback provided by the community, and as such, don’t waste your time downloading this game.
  • Insane changes

    By ahillman3
    Apparently FoxNext doesn't know how people play mobile games. Many of the recent changes are causing people to quit the game in frustration. ** Capping the max tickets for a raid at the number needed to run a single top level raid. ** Creating raids that only last 2 hours. Most alliances are across multiple time zones, making full participation impossible. ** the prices on most special offers is ridiculous and not worth the money. If this continues I'll be quitting soon!
  • Too much

    By Narcuul
    Too many changes, far too fast, all designed to lesson the rewards you get while at the same time increase the amount of time you spend in the game. Started off solid, but are just lowering the payoff for the time you spend playing. Feels like they are pushing away the current players and just hoping to start fresh with a brand new stock of them