Merge Farm!

Merge Farm!

By Gram Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-11-01
  • Current Version: 2.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 119.16 MB
  • Developer: Gram Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 4,351 Ratings


Welcome to the world of Merge Farm! the newest farming and merge game from Gram Games. Merge Farm! isn’t your average farming game. Use merging mechanics to achieve your task to grow your farm, and harvest delicious fruits and veggies. Plant tons of crops across your farm and merge those crops to grow bigger plants that produce more fruit and veggies! Take your massive harvest and sell them to grow your farm even further! What are you waiting for, let’s start merging your farm! Merge Farm! Features: Plant & Merge Crops: • Plant crops of varying types on your field, as they become available. • Merge similar crops, and they will grow or upgrade, providing a larger harvest. • The bigger your plants, the more fruit and vegetables they will produce. Manage Your Farm • Farming is endless, which means you’ll need to manage your farm daily. • Choose where to plant crops, place animals, and more. • Decorate by placing garden gnomes, tractors and more around the farm. Harvest Like a Farmer • As all good farmers know, it takes time for crops to produce delicious fruit. • You can harvest crops whenever, but keep an eye out for the orders from your traveling merchant at the top of the screen. • Fill those orders to make money, buy more crops and grow your farm. Think you can merge and harvest crops to build up your farm? Keep merging your crops to discover new forms and upgrades, and see how great your farm can grow. Download Merge Farm! today and start farming!



  • (With improvement suggestions) A unique and fun Merging game.

    By Sir Pudding
    *Vote this review helpful so it may reach the developers plz and thank you!* —— SUGGESTIONS —— ADD SHEEP AND NEW BUILDING The amount of production buildings and animals are pretty skimpy. Bakery and juicer, cows and chicken. Why not have an new animal that produces something that a building can use to make something? After cows, after chickens, you should add sheep. You raise sheep on farms, and like the cows and chickens, you do not kill them. It is the last animal because the wool they produce takes long to grow. The new building can make things out of the wool, and cotton. Cotton can be make into something now. Fabrics and clothing, make from the wool and cotton. Scarfs, shirts, pants, socks, sweaters, and even more. When people come to buy these items, it says “ Steven’s shopping “ or something like that, not “ Steven’s snack “ and they go off to eat said scarf. SECOND WATER FARM AREA Why keep everything in the same place? Add Second farm area, like an ocean or lake. You can tap a button to switch to this new farm, or you can swipe to the left or right to find an ocean/lake. In the ocean/lake, you can grow seaweeds, clams, mussels, and shrimp. WATER BUILDINGS AT SEA There could be 2 by 2 mergeable fishing boat buildings, like cows or chickens they start with 1 and by level 5 there are 5 fishing boats that look more modern with each level. They can all bring up something just called fish, or it can be like a juicer or a bakery and you set what you want to catch, better fish and longer catch times come with a higher personal level. You could also catch shrimp. WATER BUILDING AT SEA Why just have in in natural water bodies? You can have it where you make your own man make water areas, or water tiles. You can raise shrimp, and other fish capable of being raised in captivity in a building. Maybe you could even raise tuna in captivity. Why not add the ability to make sushi 🍣 with that? HYDROPONICS You could have things grow beyond dirt, like with hydroponics. There are also plants that grow in water, like cranberries. There are many ways to improve this game, farming is more broad then putting a seed in the dirt and 2 animals. There are things that can grow beyond dirt, in water and other things, weather it is fauna or flora. The best way forward is adding new and unique things, pushing the lines of what is farming to do so. In my opinion Merge farm is one of, if not the best app Gram Games has made. Get it yourself to see. It can seem like it is rinse and repeat after some time, as other comments will say, but there are ways to lessen this feeling. Doing one or 2 of these helps. Give your farm a lay out. Put your crops in the order the show on the bottom of the screen. Do parallel merging. Leveling up one crop at a time seems slow and repetitive (rinse and repeat). If you use 4 vertical rows and divide a line down the middle, mirror everything you do. Make sure it is the same crop on each side. This you a fun challenge avoiding the rinse and repeat feel.
  • Can’t harvest

    By Kemble-Pak'Cafan
    Broken game, can’t harvest crops. Crops have stars on them, say you can harvest them. 30 minutes later still can’t collect anything. Uninstalled...
  • Did not give the things purchased

    By Ibelle91
    Paid money never got any thing!!!!!!
  • Ads, more ads, many ads, did I mention ads?

    By Vezeran
    The gameplay is very simple and actually calms my mind,! Complete an order, watch an ad, merge a crop, watch an ad, level up, watch an ad, accelerate stuff by watching an ANOTHER ad! I refuse to pay money for a perk to remove ads just because the game heaps them on me and practically forces me to if I actually want to do anything OTHER than watch an ad! Thanks but no thanks!
  • No choice on ads

    By nklungle
    Played ads without warning and without my consent during the course of normal gameplay. Instant uninstall.
  • Pornographers ads

    By Veejay dee
    I just had to endure the most disgusting ad I have ever seen. This seems to be a family friendly game that I would expect loads of children would enjoy. I would be disgusted to think that a child would be exposed to the graphically pornographic ad that popped up during gameplay makes me extremely upset. I would hope that somebody is looking into this and that it will never happen again. If it does, I will be sure to find the proper people to file a complaint with.
  • Thanks 4daily reward/“glitch found!

    By I don't like crashes!
    This glitch happened cuz I think I have a “daily challenge” with knowledgeable kiwi tree, and artful avocado tree. So, I started planting the kiwi and this weird glitch happened please fix this glitch so I can get my cash back I lost 5.5k kiwi! Which would take days to get back! So lame!i had 19.5k kiwi total now 14k left!)It happened 2x now 2.9k kiwi offer=0 coins! This is insane glitch! and it takes at max kiwi tree ~100/5hrs)”please add an option to cancel offers so I can wait for new one please!!!!!“For x4 collect really helps (make 10x please!) in new update!(1 new update request(-1 star)(-1 star(glitch in system) I got a glitch I had an offer of 2.6k kiwi( and the price was 0!) what the hack! what kind of offer is that and what kind of scam offer it that too? This is insane 50k offer turned to 0!? What.... when this is looked at and fixed u will get 5stars!
  • Fun but unrewarding

    By Namandra
    I watch the videos for the double yield and collection, but more often now I watch the video, but get no reward. So, essentially, I’m watching the ad for nothing. You get my time and I get nothing. You should also be able to remove a plant. The number of times I’ve accidentally click that stupid leaf and had to get a crop that takes up space is far too high. I should have the right to get rid of them.
  • Unable to recover game

    By KathyJo1968
    Had to uninstall and reinstall game, but lost everything I had already played.
  • Amazing game

    By dhdvxhd
    This game us an awsome amazing game. It is fun realistic and mind pushin. Im jus saying it a very goid game