Uber Driver

Uber Driver

By Uber Technologies, Inc.

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2016-10-18
  • Current Version: v3.175.10003
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 202.73 MB
  • Developer: Uber Technologies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 3
From 8,256 Ratings


Uber Driver – the app for drivers • Help people move around your city, and make money on your schedule. Drive whenever you want—Uber offers a flexible way to make extra cash on your terms. No offices, no bosses. • Download the Uber Driver app, and sign up to drive in the app. We’ll guide you through the steps and notify you when you’re all set to drive. Hitting the road • The app offers the latest features that help you focus on driving and making money. • We’ll explain how to use the app, provide optional navigation and Help support, and let you know when there are special opportunities to make even more. Every trip you take is fully tracked by GPS for safety and security. Getting paid • You can see how much you’ve made anytime after every trip. You’ll be paid directly to your bank account every week, or receive cash on each trip—depending on the country you drive in. *This app typically uses 2 GB of data per month. Using navigation can decrease your phone’s battery life. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.



  • Glitchy, bad navigation

    By Набор Слов
    Shittiest navigation ever. Usually makes the route through alleyways. Estimated ETA always wrong Glitchy, especially in the end of trip. Same problem with sound from review(app turn volume your music down until next notification). And it’s looks like nobody cares about all these reviews, standard answer: tell us the same thing, but on Uber website is ridiculous:)
  • Broken

    By pengd0t
    Every time I drive to the airport to enter the queue, my app breaks. The gear icon at the top that lets me select which kinds of requests I’m accepting (uberx, UberXL, or Deliveries) gets rid of everything but deliveries and if I sign out or reinstall, the gear icon goes away completely and the other types of rides are not restored. Every time this happens I have to spend hours on support calls trying to figure it out and it’s almost always as bad as any annoying unhelpful tech support call can be. The last time I called, they told me that perhaps it had happened because my acceptance rate was low. This is because the app goes through periods of regularly crashing or freezing when I tap the notification to accept the ride, and then it never accepts it. The solution to my low acceptance rate was to take their “7x7 course” which costs the user $49 to take. No thanks. I’m reviewing the app right now, sitting near the airport once again with a broken app, costing myself time and money.
  • Highway robbery

    By 7 yrs pharmacy customer
    Hi: Future and current Drivers : As an uberX Boston Driver who is suffered for years I want you to know the following: You must know that uber is the biggest scam company in the united state history as they will steal your earnings intentionally on every single trip you do for them. They will fool you with words partners, boost, surge and confuse you with numbers so you wouldn't understand what's going on in order to do their own highway robbery. It's totally big scam company. Every thing they tell you is absolutely lies as they do completely the opposite. Please Be aware. ***** Quick Update Someone contacted me through an email to ask me to contact uber support........... totally BS Here's Some more tips for future and current drivers. *Uber will sign you up for 20-25% fee then on every trip you do they'll deduct 40-45% from you and when you ask what's going on? They will tell you that's every trip has different fees and uber assigned the fee based on the trip not on fixed percentage , ^^when you asked where is this information located?? They will completely ignore you **Uber will call you partner and keep sending you feedback and tells you we designed easy to understand earnings and the facts is that you will never understand anything things from what they posting simply because this is the goals **uber pool (fool) will tell you that you will make more money in uber pool (fool) and the fact is that you make less money doing uber pool (fool) which is absolutely day time robbery by all means ** uber will play games with you regarding the boost, surge as drivers needed in such an area they will put the surge on to gather drivers sometimes for 30-90 seconds less than 2 minutes. * uber scam strategy is too old and nobody will ever expect that's going on in the 21 century, it's an old scam depends on the nice talk, showing value to the drivers in talks only and even trained their representatives to be very nice to you such as thank you for partnering with us, we appreciate you, without you there is no uber, you our best assets etc. etc. etc. Completely trash and BS talk , nothing near the truth. Future and current drivers Be carful and open your eyes about everything you just read as you will definitely see it......... Still more to come............. ******** Again and again the developer keeps sending responses and asking me to contact support !!! Another total BS......... This is proof and part of the big scam that this company called uber is doing every single day. absolutely liars, scammers and 100% robbers that's never and will never stops. Future and current drivers : Everything you just read is absolutely true, do the calculations your self, watch for the fooling boosts and surges to see how the game is running, click on the fare details to see how much they charge the customer and how much they have actually paid you???? Hi: DRIVERS Uber is robbing thousands of you out of $millions !? Make sure your voice is heard
  • Love driving- but the app needs help

    By Abrad76488
    Overall I love Uber and driving for them- I think it’s a great concept! But the app can be a hinderance when the Navi system takes you on odd routes- locks up on you or the pick up/ delivery pin drop is not accurate and you spend 30 min in the apartment complex next door wandering around trying to find the right place while customer coffee is getting cold. Help us help you Uber- the more money we make- the more money Uber makes- help us be the hustlers we would like to be by improving the app so we can turn business faster and not go on wild goose chases every night on our dime. It’s embarrassing when you have a rider and get lost because the Navi system sends you the wrong way and costs us ratings. And surges need to stay the same surge rate for a MINIMUM of 30 min if you truly want us to head that direction to help. Surge changes every 2 minutes only gets me about two exits closer so if I’m not already in that neighborhood it’s not worth it and I ignore them- i only travel to known surge locations and times beforehand or if the surge has been consistent for over an hour. It’s more helpful to pay attention to the local event news to find out where the business is at then to go by the surges because they do not last long enough for you to take advantage of them. On the flip side- love the tipping feature- wish you guys would promote it more to the riders so more than 30% of all customers would tip in some sort of way. Would greatly improve driver earnings and morale if tips were better ( I was a former waiter so I know it’s currently a poor ratio) Need to offer higher pay for delivery that is going to take a known time of overall 30 plus minutes to complete- ie- 15 min to pick up location- plus food pick up time- plus additional 15 minute drive to deliver for $5-$7 at 2 am w no tip? Not worth it. Will decline the trip next time. These need to be closer to $11-$13 trips before adding tips. I think I spent at least $3-$4 of the $6 I made just in gas money lol. I love driving for you guys I wish It paid well enough to quit my day job and not get frustrated or embarrassed by the app functionally. Keep working on it guys! It will get there- I have already seen an improvement with the 180 days of change but there needs to be an additional 365 days of change and improvements if Uber wants to retain premium drivers and charge a premium price while maintaining its market share. Anna in Denton 2016 Black Tiguan 4.86 Star rating( would be higher if Navi system hadn’t dumped us in construction zones or apt parking lots a few times) riders got upset the route was wrong and feel over charged for the driver going the wrong way Someone from the office come ride with me sometime! :)
  • Worst company to work

    By RaZz2050RSLover
    If you are planning to do uber, please see driver's review here then do some research before working for this crappy company. Their support team do not support on what you need. Their company will do whatever to ditch you if you need any help.
  • Select vs. X

    By Bobbob76
    Why does Uber allow Select rides to be cheaper than regular UberX rides? Select drivers will end up driving farther to pick up their riders and get paid less during the busy surge times! At least make them the same during those times! Also, the app will revert back to previous versions (losing features) every once in awhile. Like now, I can’t choose to choose to take just Select or X rides.
  • Limited income

    By sachinprakash
    The driver compensation is pathetic. I’m not here to do social service. I’m here to earn a decent payout and using my own car for it.
  • Uber puts all the responsibility and expense on drivers

    By Get it together77
    Drivers make about $10/hr and then have to pay for gas/insurance/vehicle and wear and tare. If you need some quick cash it’s fine but not a career move. On a good day it takes me around 12 hours to clear $200. They take around 50% of the fare maybe give me 60% on a few if I’m lucky. Drivers need a union for this.
  • Change Profile Picture

    By TFromHTX
    Can you Allow me to update/ upgrade my profile picture? I didn’t know l was going to be stuck with it forever.
  • One incredibly annoying feature, otherwise works as intended.

    By Void Method
    This app works pretty much as intended, so the developers have done a good job there. (Personal feelings about Uber as a company are not relevant for this review, as it is only about the software.) The problem I have is, whenever the app sends any alert noise through Bluetooth to my car's speakers (2016 Chrysler 200) such as a ride request, a stop notification, or cancel notification, the audio in my car is then halved until the next notification, requiring me to turn the volume to nearly double what it was (near the top of the range it can go to.) The next sound from my phone, caused by either the Uber Driver app or another system notification such as new emails or messages, returns the sound to normal, but the volume has been turned up nearly to the maximum in my car, and it's uncomfortably loud until I get it under control again. Until the next noise the Uber Driver app makes. Sometimes the app doesn't make any noise at all, which is annoying for other reasons. Gotta keep your eyes on the road, you know? I'm quite sure it is the Uber Driver app doing this, the problem with my car's audio system only occurs when Uber Driver is open. It's pretty annoying. I need the audio system to listen to podcasts and remain sane while driving for ten hours a day.