Rolling Sky

Rolling Sky

By Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited

Score: 4.5
From 46,175 Ratings


A challenging and interesting game where traps and barriers make you addicted. Rolling Sky is a game that pushes the boundaries of your speed and reaction. The splendid 3D effect scene enables you to experience the imaginary traps and barriers. Now, let's control the ball and conquer the world by overcoming challenges. How to play? Drag the ball left or right and avoid all obstacles. Do not deviate from track! Come on! Relentless pursuit of super speed. You can be faster along with the music rhythm! Features: • One-touch control & simple operation • Stunning 3D stereo visual • Rich scenes: massif, cosmos, forest, snowfield, inferno • A challenge to speed and reflex Follow and contact us: It’s pleasant to receive your valuable suggestions. We invite you join us in game improvement and upgrade. Contact us! Privacy Policy :



  • It is great But

    By Jangserj
    The music is great but is not working
  • Big mistake...

    By Cole 900!!!
    It WAS good...
  • Amazing but one problem

    By Fowerg1rl 0822
    This game is AMAZING but you do have to unlock some and it may take awhile.But they are always coming out with new levels and they are really cool.I tell all of my friends they should get it and I highly recommend it.
  • It’s okay

    By cdbbs
    Rolling Sky’s is amazing app and me and my sister love it!but stuff is missing 1.there should be some “in app purchases “that you can get by watching ads 2. There should be a option where you can race with friends and family
  • Dear god

    By BoRo2000
    The super hearts. I cant use them. Why? Whenever I die, I don’t have a choice. It just chooses to use up a super heart. I need to use them on the city level and when I get there I have no super hearts left FIX it! Doesn’t anybody notice this? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!!
  • Horrible game!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Ga1225
    This is now horrible!!!!! You have to pay $3.99 to complete so now on the most interesting level 27% only!!!!
  • In love but too easy

    By Fairy tein 03
    I love this app and find it totally addictive but not challenging at all I beat levels in minutes. I recommend this to all but still all of my friends agree. I showed this to everyone I could find this is the same reason for helix jump. I would really appreciate if this will be read by anyone or everyone try it out.
  • Why I like it

    By Crazydufos_911
    It gives you more skill
  • Inappropriate Ads

    By kfsskdfm
    This app is rated for ages 4+ yet it show ads for apps that are very sexual in nature. Teens with no shirts on making out, then a third girls steps in. My little girl just told me about boys and girls getting naked on her ipad game. Get it together and clean up your app!!
  • Reason Why Rolling sky is good and bad

    By Fan Game Boy Person
    Part 1 Rolling Sky Fun Rolling sky is one of the best game in 2016 and when I saw rolling sky I said ‘’what the... Is it a ball roll in the sky No is A really cool game for me and More worlds came ever time But the most bases Of all Wif Is good with out Wif but you can,t Do Not Mach Keep The Ball Not going To fall that Range me at lot so Rolling sky is good but not the falling Part Is Sack to do it Over it how it Work” Part 2 Good Safe About The game When I try I said to my Salf ‘’FUCK this I Quit” why I Quit is Because I was A Fatass Baby that time will my sister was so good that she got Massif 98% What How is Because She Never Give Up On Something That what is the good is Never Give Up so I Did And I Did Easy Done,Normal Done,Hard Done, And Alone I Did to So is good to never Give up Part 3 Sometime Boring Sometime when I play The Game you Have 10 Ball And wait for 1 Or 2 Min And it a little Boring And After Then Said Ok let,s do it and then they don,t want to do it again so that what happen to Little Sister She want to Then Quit One day She Will Did it again So why SomeTime Boring Wait 2 min For a locked World Wait 1 min For 10 Ball and Good to But Some Time Is No Fun With Out A Voices And That when Alone Come And Make everone to Satyi in For I Don,t Know how long so here then are sometime it can be Boring If you don,t think What I Say Was Good And your was good It ok That what You think About the Game Not Me Thank You For Raeding So Far Form:Luis A Fan of Rolling Sky